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The Dearborn Community Foundation, Inc. has awarded $3,852 to the Hoosier Hills Literacy League from the City of Lawrenceburg Community Grant Program Phase 1 for their Digital Learning Program, including the purchase of Chromebooks, storage cases, and licenses for a learning app called Learning Upgrade for up to 30 students for one (1) year.

Learning Upgrade is an award-winning app that is downloadable on both iOS and Android devices.  Learning Upgrade was recently named a winner in the $7 million Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPrize.  Hoosier Hills Literacy League received a free pilot in August, and since then 12 students have logged over 400 hours on the app, completing almost 1500 lessons and earning 13 certificates.  Students love the app, and one student said she kept playing until she couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore. The app is catching on all over the country, and developers have coined the term “binge learning” to describe it.

The Chromebooks will also be used to prepare for the Work Keys Assessment.  Work Keys is used by many employers across the country to assess work readiness, and individuals who pass Work Keys Assessment earn National Career Readiness Certificates. The NCRC is a nationally recognized accreditation administered by the same company that administers the ACT.

HHLL is thrilled to be partnering with Work One Southeast to help students improve their job readiness through an online platform called WIN.  With the new Chromebooks, students will be able to use class time to prepare for the Work Keys Assessment.  Work One Southeast also regularly visits the Adult Literacy classes to share information about their services, such as job searches, resume building and job placement.

Digital Learning for Adults

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