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Our Local Literacy League​.

The Lawrenceburg Event Center was full of almost 800 8th graders, about 30 high-schoolers, and about as many adults, including service providers, local law enforcement, and school chaperones. The occasion -- 14th annual CASA Youth Summit, planned by CASA’s Youth Ambassadors.  

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These words mean nothing to 2,558 Dearborn County Residents.
(according to 2003 statistics

When adults read to young children, children learn that the dots, lines and squiggles on a page form words, and those words form stories.

When children​ learn to read stories, they can read to learn all kinds of other things, and whole world of knowledge opens up to them.

When adults improve their own reading and writing skills, they are empowered to improve their life.

When we all work together to promote literacy, we are empowered to improve our community.

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